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MountainStar Sports Group Women React to Kim Ng's Hiring

November 16, 2020

MIAMI -- The Marlins have pledged to build as diverse an organization as possible. On Friday morning, they made history by announcing Kim Ng as their new general manager.

Ng is the first woman to become an MLB general manager. She is also believed to be the first woman hired as a GM by any major professional men's team in North American sports.

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MountainStar Sports Group (MSSG), which owns and operates the El Paso Chihuahuas and El Paso Locomotive FC, has created a work environment that provides opportunity to the best candidates and talent - male or female.  As a result, four women hold senior level positions and 10 are in managerial roles. Below are some of their reactions to Ng's appointment as General Manager of the Miami Marlins.

Lizette Espinosa
El Paso Chihuahuas Sr. Director, Guest Services & Ballpark Operations
"As a woman working in sports, and more specifically, in a role directly relating to Baseball Operations, seeing Kim Ng named as a General Manager is a proud moment for me. As a first generation American, I am also celebrating that she is the first Asian-American GM in MLB. It’s a great feeling to know a woman started walking a similar path, worked hard, was deemed the best person for the job, and will have a voice in important rooms. Congrats Kim Ng!"

Gina Roe-Davis
Leg Up Entertainment Director, Special Events
"I applaud and congratulate Kim Ng because she worked hard, earned her title and kept her head in the game despite the odds.  She was chosen because she was the most qualified and the absolute best candidate in an extremely competitive profession and that accomplishment deserves respect and admiration. The fact that she was chosen to lead a professional sports organization, a business that thrives on putting together the best team possible for optimum results, makes me one of her biggest fans. I cheer for her because I want us all to win. I celebrate her because she just won a game that seemed to have too many innings. I thank her because the game has changed."

Kate Lewis
El Paso Chihuahuas Coordinator, Promotions & Community Relations
“This is an incredible time to be a woman in the sports industry! Women across all industries, not only sports are turning the glass ceiling into a floor and paving the path for women all across the world. Younger generations are going to continue to see women like Kim Ng,  Jen Cohen, Emily Jaenson, Rachel Nakken, and Jen Welter make their way to the top! This is only the beginning of more and more women breaking down barriers and clearing the way for younger generations! I am so excited to see more women in executive and leadership positions, and I plan on being one of them some day soon.”

Leslie Holt
El Paso Chihuahuas and El Paso Locomotive FC Manager, Retail & Merchandise Operations
"Kim Ng breaking the glass ceiling will inspire and pave the path for all women in sports to achieve whatever she sets her mind to. Women helping women will be key in this process! Indra Nooyi said “The glass ceiling will go away when women help other women break through that ceiling.”

Sarah Nollner
El Paso Locomotive FC Director, Marketing & Communications
"Seeing Kim Ng become the first woman to be a GM of a major sports franchise in the US was nothing short of amazing. I am surrounded by so many intelligent, strong women in high positions in sports but it's eye opening to know that up until now, there were no women GM’s. I hope that this hiring inspires countless other women and young girls wanting to break into this male dominated space and achieve their dreams."

Elizabeth Vega
El Paso Locomotive FC Administrative Coordinator, Marketing
"As a young woman in sports, there are certain doors that I always thought would be closed to me. Kim Ng has burst open those doors which have flowed opportunity, inspiration, and endless possibilities for myself and for women everywhere." 

Angela Olivas
El Paso Chihuahuas Sr. Director, Marketing & Communications
"Watching Kim Ng become a General Manager for the Miami Marlins is nothing short of fantastic. To break the gender barriers is truly remarkable and gives every little girl who dreams of becoming a big leaguer - be it on the field or in the office - a chance. Everyday I am grateful for the opportunities I've been given, the leaders who have given me the opportunity, my parents who told me the sky is the limit, and above all the women who have come before me that paved the way for women in sports. Thank you Kim!"