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Southwest University Park

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Fred Loya High School Baseball (Montwood vs. El Dorado)

Fred Loya High School Baseball (Montwood vs. El Dorado)

Friday, April 1st, 2016, 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Southwest University Park

We are giving local high school baseball teams the opportunity to play on a professional field, while raising money for themselves through the use of Chihuahuas tickets. 

Contact: Colby Miller for more information @ 915-242-2007, or


Fred Loya High School Baseball Field Series Stadium Rules

  • Fans will be admitted for free to Southwest University Park.
  • Restrooms will be open at sections 109 and 115.
  • Concessions will be provided at the discretion of the Chihuahuas and Ovations Food Service.
  • Outside food WILL NOT will be permitted.
  • The pre-determined home team will be allowed to bring a public address announcer and National Anthem performer.
  • A public address announcer will not be provided by the Chihuahuas.
  • The Chihuahuas will not provide an official scorer.
  • The scoreboard at Southwest University Park will be available.
  • Coaches must contact umpires to inform them of the location of the game.
  • Players and coaches must come ready to play. NO ACCESS to locker rooms or hitting tunnels.
  • Teams WILL NOT be allowed to take batting practice before the game. Teams will be allowed to take infield /outfield practice before the game.
  • Please utilize downtown parking space where available. This does not include Ballpark VIP parking behind the stadium.
  • Bus parking will be coordinated through Colby Miller.
  • Southwest University Park is a smoke free facility including e-cigarettes.


Fred Loya High School Baseball Field Series Field Rules

  • Please stay on the mound after throwing a pitch (Do not walk after every pitch to the catcher and receive the ball on the grass).
  • Umpires please stand on the dirt down the foul lines; not in the grass.
  • 2B and SS please play on the infield dirt and not right on the grass edge.
  • 1B and 3B should stay on the dirt as much as possible for positioning.
  • Warm up pre-game 20 ft. off the foul lines please (towards left-center and Right Center Field).
  • Keep warm up swings on the warning track please, not in the foul territory grass while on deck.
  • If sunflower seeds/gum are allowed please spit them in a cup and not all over the field/in front of the dugouts.
  • Hitters please lay bats down at home plate; don't spike in into the turfgrass; please do not throw bats back towards dugout.
  • Please only use one bullpen mound in each area.
  • Pitchers, please don't dig a hole in front of the rubber.
  • Please wear turf shoes as long as possible pregame; put your spikes on after warms-ups if possible.
  • Please dump all water and ice from coolers down dugout drains. Do not throw it on the field.

For more information contact:

Colby Miller